Our Strategic Focus

The Human Impact of Climate Change

The Forum's first programme focus is the human impact of climate change and boosting assistance to the poor and vulnerable who suffer the brunt of its impact. More about our programmes..

12 November 2008

Kofi Annan Receives 2008 Freedom Award

NEW YORK,  12 November 2008 - Global Humanitarian Forum President, Kofi Annan, was awarded the International Rescue Committee's Freedom Award for individual efforts to promote greater freedom from harm.

16 October 2008

Reflections on Humanitarian Diplomacy - Challenges and Opportunities

SELFOSS, Iceland,  29 August 2008 - Global Humanitarian Forum CEO, Ambassador Walter Fust, addressed the 2008 Donor Forum of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies on the topic of Humanitar...

09 October 2008

Hans Wilsdorf Foundation Contributes to Global Humanitarian Forum

GENEVA, 09 October 2008 – The Global Humanitarian Forum, presided over by Kofi Annan, has the pleasure to announce the decision of the foundation board of the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation of 23 Sept...

17 September 2008

Transforming our Response to Climate Change

GENEVA, 17 September 2008 - Global Humanitarian Forum CEO Walter Fust issued ten key considerations relating to the human dimensions and impact of climate change.

10 July 2008

The G8 Statement on Climate Change: Where is Climate Justice?

GENEVA, Switzerland, 10 July – The G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit failed to put the necessary emphasis on the needs of those least responsible for climate change and most vulnerable to its adverse im...

25 June 2008

Kofi Annan Launches Global Alliance for Climate Justice

GENEVA, 25 June 2008 – Kofi Annan said today at the first annual meeting of the Global Humanitarian Forum, which he presides, that a global allianc...

25 June 2008

Energy for the Poor

GENEVA, 25 June – At least 1.6 billion people in the world have no access to electricity. What can be done to make clean, efficient energy available to them? Nobel Peace Prize winner, Rajendra P...

25 June 2008

Solana versus Sachs

GENEVA, 25 June – The annual meeting reached a climax with a keynote debate between Javier Solana, the European Union's head of foreign and security policy, and Jeffery Sachs, a special adviser ...

25 June 2008

Kofi Annan reveals the way forward

GENEVA, 25 June – As the main proceedings of the annual meeting drew to a close, the Forum’s President, Kofi Annan, summarised the conclusions of many of the roundtable discussions held ov...

25 June 2008

New forms of urban life, new development forms

GENEVA, 25 June – The Chinese have the right idea when it comes to urban planning. That was the conclusion of a roundtable discussing what contribution smart design and urban planning make towar...