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Our Centrepiece Event

One of the world's foremost gathering points for the broader humanitarian community, it takes place every summer in the humanitarian capital of Geneva.
(Magalie Girardin)

Chaired by Kofi Annan, the event unites in engaged debate leading people committed to making progress on humanitarian concerns from across the global society – be they royalty, presidents, ministers, mayors, civil society and international organization heads, CEOs, talented young people, leading academics, journalists and commentators, scientists or entrepreneurs.


  • Define Future Policy: Leading people from all different backgrounds meet to establish future policy priorities in order to overcome key humanitarian challenges
  • Trigger New Collective Action: Linking and engaging key people from different sectors, including those not usually working side-by-side, to develop solutions in partnership to pressing and emerging humanitarian challenges
  • Raise Awareness: Provide leaders with access to the highest level of debates on humanitarian issues of cross-cutting interest, and increase exposure through media coverage of specific humanitarian concerns

Forum 2008: The Human Face of Climate Change

24-25 June 2008, Geneva, Switzerland
Rishika Das Roy, 18, of Kokatta India - a Climate Witness at the 2008 Forum - she spoke eloquently about the plight of the Sunderbans of India and Bangladesh, whose inhadbitants are suffering serious additional stresses due to climate change (Magali Girardin)

The inaugural annual forum was the first time that an international conference of such high and wide-ranging levels had as its exclusive focused the human impact of climate change and increasing assistance to vulnerable populations worst affected by it.

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Forum 2008

Mr. Annan

"The Human Face of Climate Change"