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Who We Are

Founded in 2007, the Global Humanitarian Forum is a new international organization personally led by Kofi Annan working to build a stronger global community for overcoming humanitarian challenges.

Our Vision

A world where the full potential of the global society is harnessed for eradicating human suffering.

The Global Humanitarian Forum

A unique global forum exclusively focused on the world’s broader humanitarian challenges

What We Do

Our Mission

To build a stronger global community for overcoming the humanitarian challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our Operational Work

  • Policy debate and networking for collective solutions
  • Advocacy and accountability promotion
  • Mobilization of targeted capacity building

Our Activities through to 2010

  • Annual forum: the yearly centrepiece event of the Forum each June in Geneva
  • Global Alliance for Climate Justice: a global advocacy partnership for realizing climate justice
  • Initiatives: tangible contributions to overcoming key humanitarian concerns
  • Thematic Events: highly targeted idea-finding and partnership building exercises for specific priority humanitarian concerns

Why We Do It

Reaching for wider commitment

Humanitarian concerns are increasingly global and cross-cutting in nature. But with the collective resources, expertise and technology available in the twenty-first century, it is unacceptable that humanitarian crises continue to go unresolved. Why is it that we remain unable to mobilize all our assets for the benefit of the world’s most vulnerable people?

In the end it is individuals and their institutions that drive local, regional and global agendas. Most people already want to do more for humanity, but are only able to do so when armed with an accurate understanding of how they can best contribute and how their potential partners think and operate. And where political and economic commitment is lacking, much can be gained from a critical rethinking of interests in line with the fast-paced globalized world.

This is why today dialogue, exchange, and creative partnerships between people not usually working side-by-side are so important. And that is why the Forum brings together - on a global level - leading people from business, politics and military, science and technology, the information and communication industries, and the international and civil society fields.

Thinking solutions

When armed conflict breaks out, when famine and disease spread, and when natural disasters strike, it is individual human beings that suffer. Bringing attention to the voices of the poor and vulnerable, the Forum connects and engages people to develop and trigger collective solutions and action that carried out together are more likely to bring results for those individuals most in need.

Together the world’s leading doers, thinkers and decision-makers have the potential to make a great difference. They will be the foundation of a global community able to overcome the humanitarian challenges of today and tomorrow. And the Forum works to realize their potential to do so. 

The Human Impact of Climate Change

Our First Focus

The human impact of climate change is the first programme focus of the Forum's efforts. The Forum works to increase awareness on the human face of climate change - as opposed to its emissions or purely environmental aspects - and to boost support to vulnerable populations worst affected by climate change.

Kofi Annan

“Together we can build a stronger global community.”

Kofi A. Annan,
President of the Forum