Priority Areas for Action

24-25 June, Geneva, Switzerland
Ericsson CEO Carl-Henric Svanberg at the ICT and Media Roundtable of the 2008 Forum (Daniel Rhys)

  • Improved regional cooperation for avoiding conflict triggered/aggravated by climate-induced resource scarcity
  • Increased support to small-scale farmers, including through resources, meteorological and agricultural information, cooperative organizations and equitable land tenure regulations
  • Greater emphasis on risk transfer to the private sector, including government support expanding the reach of weather index insurance and catastrophe bonds
  • Enhanced weather monitoring capacity for worst affected zones
  • Adoption of risk-averse eco-planning for future and retrospective urban planning and development
  • Promotion of the development of small and medium urban centres as an alternative to over-burdened and climate risk prone mega-cities and their slums
  • Increased support to local entrepreneurs as drivers of adaptation
  • Triggering of immediate increases in finance for adaptation by front-loading funds, including credited against future trading of emissions rights/levies
  • Accurate research on the specific energy needs and for appropriate energy solutions for the world’s poorest communities
  • Creation of partnerships between influential media and advocacy organizations to ensure clear messages on the gravity of the climate problem are made available for communication to the public
  • Promotion of information and communication technologies, particularly mobile communications, for the rapid distribution of weather-related information, including weather forecasting and warnings
  • Promotion of partnerships between climate and health actors, such as between national health services and national meteorological services, for dealing with climate-sensitive health concerns
  • Sensible pricing of water, avoiding wastage while ensuring a basic supply for all
  • Improvement of knowledge exchange and extension systems towards and between communities affected by climate change
  • Detailed risk analysis research for the city planning purposes of populous urban areas deemed in general to be exposed to significant climate risks

EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana during a debate at the 2008 Forum (Daniel Rhys)


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