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Ideas into action.

Whether the Global Humanitarian Forum is raising awareness, developing ideas or taking action, we are always thinking about the challenges facing humanity and how to solve them. Each of our projects, initiatives, forums, reports and talks serves as a platform to explore ideas that can potentially benefit the world.


The Weather Info for All initiative is a public-private partnership enabling vulnerable communities in Africa to adapt to a changing climate. Operated by the Global Humanitarian Forum, it works through innovative telecommunications technology and National Meteorological Services reinforced by the initiative.

African communities are highly susceptible to changing temperatures and weather patterns caused by climate change.  WIFA will help provide the daily and seasonal weather forecasting to protect lives and livelihoods and improve the resilience of people to climate change.

The Annual Forum is the world’s foremost gathering point for humanitarian leadership and takes place every summer in the humanitarian capital of Geneva. It features talks by political, business, civil society and international organizational leaders as well as workshops to explore in depth the world's latest humanitarian challenges.


Highlights of the 2009 Forum are here. The 2010 Forum will take place 28-29 June.


Global humanitarian challenges concern young people as much as older generations, maybe more so. These challenges can no longer be solved separately from each other. They cross nations, religions and generations.

It is crucial that the younger generation has access to a platform where they can express their views on humanitarian issues and explore solutions with peers and members of older generations.

The Global Humanitarian Forum’s Youth Forum brings together motivated young people to make their mark on the humanitarian challenges of today.


Climate justice” became the rallying cry for those at the Copenhagen climate negotiations who felt left out of the process. The Global Humanitarian Forum supports the cause of climate justice and defines the term as fairness and equity toward all people in dealing with climate change.

The Forum started the Time for Climate Justice campaign in 2009 to rally world opinion for an agreement at the Copenhagen climate negotiations. We also began a process to develop the basic outlines of what climate justice means, and after a stimulating conference in Pretoria, South Africa early in 2009 we developed a booklet called Key Points for Climate Justice that has been widely distributed.

In 2010 we plan to continue the fight for climate justice.

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