Alois Hirschmugl, GHF Board Member

Alois Hirschmugl
Brigadier General, Austrian Armed Forces

Alois Hirschmugl, Humanitarian Affairs Advisor to the Austrian Chief of Defence Staff, is a Brigadier General with the Austrian Armed Forces. He has over 30 years of military experience and special expertise in the field of international military legal advisory, verification of arms control agreements, civil-military coordination and cooperation and civil emergency planning. Since 2006 he also is officiated as external legal expert for the International Criminal Court.

He began his humanitarian engagement working for the Austrian Red Cross and Youth Red Cross for 10 years on a voluntary basis. Mr. Hirschmugl is a member of the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination team and an emergency expert for the European Commission. He has participated in numerous missions with the United Nations and the European Commission – including Mozambique (2000), Algeria (2003), Iran (2004), Bangladesh (2004), Southeast Asia (2005), Indonesia (2006) and Albania (2008).

Mr. Hirschmugl holds a Master and Doctorate degree in law. He published a handbook on legal aspects of peace support operations, humanitarian and disaster management operations. (P.Ress)


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