tck tck tck, time for climate justice


Mobilizing for a just global climate deal

A global online campaign targeted the December 2009 international climate summit in Copenhagen and will continue the fight for climate justice in 2010.

Visit our campaign site and join the fight for climate justice.

The Global Alliance for Climate Justice is a global movement that aims to raise awareness for climate justice, a concept according to which pollution has a cost and those most affected, who have contributed least to the problem, must be supported in adapting to the consequences of climate change. The "tck tck tck Time for Climate Justice" campaign is the first major initiative of the Global Alliance for Climate Justice.


Climate Allies are high profile individuals and members of the general public who feel strongly about embracing the issue of climate justice. The “tck tck tck Time for Climate Justice” campaign enjoys support from high-profile Climate Allies from diverse backgrounds ranging from politics and academia to sports and entertainment. Climate Allies include rugby star Dan Carter, pop singer Lily Allen, founder of CNN Ted Turner and Archbishop Emeritus Desmund Tutu, to name but a few.  


You can become a Climate Ally by uploading a ‘tck’ video, text message or picture on These actions together will build a human clock that ticks down the seconds until COP15 and shows that climate change has a human face. Climate Allies can further engage with the online community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Flickr.


The Time for Climate Justice campaign aims to highlight the importance of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen in December 2009 and lobby for a fair, robust and binding agreement to succeed the Kyoto Protocol.


The Global Humanitarian Forum in collaboration with Havas Worldwide communications developed the tck tck tck concept. The tck tck tck symbol communicates a sense of urgency, as time ticks down to the start of COP15. ‘Tck tck tck’ is also the unifying symbol for the GCCA (Global Campaign for Climate Action), a coalition of the world’s leading NGOs who are all, like us, campaigning for a strong, binding and just agreement at Copenhagen. All ‘tck tck tck’ material is open source and its creative use is encouraged.


The Time for Climate Justice campaign has developed three apparel items that can only be purchased in its online shop. The ‘tck’ tags are a symbol of the campaign, worn by Climate Allies. They are all individually numbered and Kofi Annan has tag number 1. ‘Tck’ wristband watches and ‘tck’ lapel pins are also available for purchase in support of the campaign.


The Global Humanitarian Forum, in collaboration with the:Hours, has recorded a remake of ‘Beds ‘r Burning’ by Midnight Oil with major artists. The song was launched on October 1st 2009 in Paris and is available as a free download, forming the world’s first musical petition. Downloading ‘Beds ‘r Burning’ will also register you as a Climate Ally.

The Time for Climate Justice campaign is supported by the following companies, organizations and institutions:

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