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Beds Are Burning-The tck tck tck campaign shortlisted for the 2010 Marketing Society Awards for Excellence.

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The measure of success for the Global Humanitarian Forum is simple: Are we making a difference in how the world thinks about humanitarian issues? Two years into the life of the Forum -- our main focus being the human impact of climate change -- this is what we can say:


Weather Info for All: With 19 automatic weather stations installed so far in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, the technical feasibility phase has been completed successfully. Planning for Phase II is underway and will see installation of about 490 automatic weather stations in the East African Community.


Annual Forum: The human face of climate change is now one of the most talked-about humanitarian challenges in the world, and climate displaced migration is high on the agenda, in part because of our first two major conferences. The conferences also launched the Campaign for Climate Justice and the Weather Info for All initiative.


Youth Forum: Young adults from around the world have developed and are implementing new ideas to help people deal with climate change.


Campaign for Climate Justice: The Forum´s ´tck tck tck- Time for Climate Justice´ campaign achieved a global reach and together with its partner tck tck tck campaigns collected 15 million digital pledges of support for a fair, ambitious and binding climate agreement in Copenhagen. The campaign song ´Beds are Burning´, seen by 20 million people worldwide, was the world´s first musical petition and supported by over 60 international music stars and celebrities. The Forum continues the fight for Climate Justice.


Research and Reports: Through our Human Impact Report, the stark human face of climate change became headlines everywhere. Sixteen hundred articles appeared in 140 countries.


Our Centrepiece Event
The world's foremost gathering point for humanitarian leadership takes place every summer in the humanitarian capital of Geneva. The 2010 Forum will be held 28-29 June. Get the full report of the 2009 Forum (pdf,3.2MB ).

Experience the event virtually, explore the videos
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Mobilizing Global Solidarity
The Global Humanitarian Forum has launched a remake of “Beds are Burning” for the ‘tck tck tck’ Time for Climate Justice campaign. Download the song and join Duran Duran, Marion Cotillard, Jet Li and dozens of other artists as Climate Allies. As Kofi Annan says on the recording, "Climate change is having a real impact on the lives of individuals and communities around the world. We must do something about it." 

Read more about climate justice. 

Get our Climate Justice Campaign Report (pdf,608KB )

         View the Key Points on Climate Justice (pdf,2.51MB )


Weather Info for All
A public-private partnership enabling vulnerable communities in Africa to adapt to a changing climate through innovative telecommunications technology and reinforced National Meteorological Services.


Read more or watch a short video about WIFA.

Tck Tck Tck campaign shortlisted for the 2010 Marketing Society Awards for Excellence


On 23 March 2010, the tck tck tck campaign for climate justice of the Global Humanitarian Forum has been shortlisted for the 2010 Marketing Society Awards for Excellence, sponsored by Accenture.



TckTckTck wins Game Changer Award at We Media Miami

Tck tck tck won a Game Changer Award at the We Media conference held in Miami from March 9-11 2010.  Game Changers are people, projects, ideas and organisations recognised for leading change and inspiring a better world through media.



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