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25 June 2008 - News Article
  • Energy for the Poor

    Energy for the Poor
    GENEVA, 25 June – At least 1.6 billion people in the world have no access to electricity. What can be done to make clean, efficient energy available to them? Nobel Peace Prize winner, Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, says one of the keys is research and development int...

25 June 2008 - News Article
  • Solana versus Sachs

    Solana versus Sachs
    GENEVA, 25 June – The annual meeting reached a climax with a keynote debate between Javier Solana, the European Union's head of foreign and security policy, and Jeffery Sachs, a special adviser to United Nations Secretary-General on the millennium development goals, on the best ways of tackling climate change.

25 June 2008 - News Article
  • Kofi Annan reveals the way forward

    Kofi Annan reveals the way forward
    GENEVA, 25 June – As the main proceedings of the annual meeting drew to a close, the Forum’s President, Kofi Annan, summarised the conclusions of many of the roundtable discussions held over the past few days.

25 June 2008 - News Article
  • New forms of urban life, new development forms

    GENEVA, 25 June – The Chinese have the right idea when it comes to urban planning. That was the conclusion of a roundtable discussing what contribution smart design and urban planning make towards sustainable development for vulnerable communities.

24 June 2008 - News Article
  • Are the right risks insured?

    Are the right risks insured?
    GENEVA, 24 June – Many developing countries lack any insurance coverage for climate risks but this could soon change. Insurance and development experts at this particular roundtable agreed that risks could be insured and that for every one US dollar spent on insurance policies, four US dollars could be saved in r...

24 June 2008 - News Article
  • Leading the way to climate justice

    GENEVA, June 24 - The separate worlds of business and international organisations collided for the first time during the Annual Meeting during a debate on climate justice.

24 June 2008 - News Article
  • Prioritising Food Security in a Changing Climate

    GENEVA, June 24 - Drought, changing rainfall patterns, insect infestations and other climate changes occupied  participants at a roundtable on food security. Five strategies were proposed to help strengthen food security in the face of worsening climate risks.

24 June 2008 - News Article
  • The Climate Security Nexus: Conflict or Cooperation?

    GENEVA, June 24 - A roundtable discussed the link between climate change and security and how better cooperation could be encouraged among peoples and nations to avoid conflict. The group concluded that climate change did not necessarily lead to wars but was certainly a source of tension because of competition for dwin...

24 June 2008 - News Article
  • Life after Kyoto: An interview with Yvo de Boer

    Life after Kyoto: An interview with Yvo de Boer
    GENEVA, June 24 - Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, is entrusted with helping the world’s governments move beyond the Kyoto Protocol and agree on a new action plan to fight global warming.

24 June 2008 - News Article
  • Climate witnesses move delegates

    Climate witnesses move delegates
    GENEVA, June 24 - The human face of climate change was personified by five young people taking the stage at the Annual Meeting with passionate and sometimes tearful accounts of how climate change had affected their communities. The audience was so moved that they gave the speakers a standing ovation.