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03 March 2009 - News Article

Inaugural Youth Forum on the human impact of climate change announced

Young adults discussing climate change
From 17 – 19 June 2009 the Global Humanitarian Forum will host its inaugural Youth Forum entitled Young Adults 4 New Results in Geneva. Young participants from the Geneva region will come together to learn, experience and develop new and innovative solutions as to how today’s youth can address the human impact of climate change.

Kofi Annan likes to recall the African proverb that says: “The planet is not ours; it’s the treasure we hold in trust for future generations.” The young people, the next generation will inherit the planet and, so says Mr Annan, they “have to make sure, that my generation hands it over in a good state.”

The inaugural Youth Forum will provide an opportunity for young adults to develop their awareness of the issues surrounding climate change and to have their say as to how the international community should address this major global problem. As a source of inspiration for the young minds, leading young adults from a range of sectors including business, science, communications, civil society and media will be invited as guest speakers. In addition, panel discussions and presentations by young adults who are personally affected by the adverse impact of climate change will inform the participants about the serious effects of climate change all over the world. After each presentation and panel discussion the participants will engage in interactive brainstorming activities which will be facilitated by a professional expert team that specializes in the process of idea production. The overall goal is that young adults develop new ideas and solutions to this global problem and gain the necessary skills to implement them.

The perspectives offered by one of the planet’s key stakeholder groups will enable the Youth Forum to develop creative solutions to climate change and explore partnerships for their effective implementation.

Outcomes and results of the Youth Forum will serve as a manifesto of the young generation in relation to the human face of climate change. The manifesto will be presented to politicians, the scientific community and private actors at the Forum 2009 on 23 - 24 June.

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