The Secretariat: Working out of the International Community

Located close to Geneva’s “Palais des Nations”, the Secretariat is responsible for the Forum’s day-to-day operations.
The Secretariat is based in Geneva, home to the European Headquarters of the United Nations and a large number of humanitarian, trade, health, development, scientific, information and communication organizations, as well as 161 diplomatic missions. Housed in the Villa Rigot, which the Canton of Geneva has kindly put at the disposition of the Forum, it works from within the centre of this distinctly international community.


CEO/Director General
Walter Fust

Meinrad Studer
Programme Director

Martin Frick

Head of Communication

Cécile Coutau

Head of Administration,
Finance & Human Resources

Noria Mezlef
Senior Programme Officer
Juliette Voinov Kohler

Project Officers

Amaury de Bruijn
Matthew McKinnon

Administrative Officer

Landy Razanajato

Pascaline Fayolle


Global Humanitarian
Forum Geneva
Villa Rigot, Avenue de la Paix 9
1202 Geneva Switzerland
Phone +41 22 919 75 00
Fax +41 22 919 75 19

The Villa Rigot in Geneva:
Home to the Global Humanitarian Forum Geneva.