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Forum 2008: The Human Face of Climate Change

The Global Humanitarian Forum held its first annual forum on 24–25 June 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland.

In the aftermath of Myanmar’s Cyclone Nargis and in view of the ongoing global food crisis, the Forum’s President Kofi Annan called together 300 leading people from all sectors of society worldwide to urgently address what he calls “the human face of climate change”: the world’s poorest and most vulnerable populations affected by ever more frequent, severe and unpredictable storms, drought and floods.

The Forum 2008 pooled the expertise and experience of an uncommon combination of people from across a broad range of sectors: humanitarian, development and civil society, science and academia, business and engineering. Together the participants identified policy priorities and worked to develop collective solutions for boosting support to vulnerable groups at risk to climate change.

In solidarity with the world’s most vulnerable, the event called for the placement of climate justice as the guiding principle in the international response to climate change and as the basis for any future global climate agreement.